The Company


The company was founded in 1999 and registered with the trademark BENETO MARETTI in 2012, with the aim of offering to the Greek market a modern, highly aesthetical, quality-based, total men's collection at affordable prices.

With the experience, expertise and the knowledge of its executives in regards to big productions and strict requirements of modern clothing, the company wishes to be an important part of today's men's clothing choices, with a complete suggestion in casual and formal appearances. The constant trend research undertaken by our design stuff, combined with the excellent cooperative in-house atmosphere, make the company creative, pioneering, flexible and adapted to the modern market conditions.


BENETO MARETTI, having listened to the pulse of the market, has become a fast-growing company in the field of men's total look apparel, which includes a wide variety of fabrics and designs.

With the creative contribution of Greek and Italian designers, the brand annually presents two complete collections (Spring / Summer & Autumn / Winter) with a unique Italian concept, in the 30-60age range target group.

The company also has a dedicated oversees department that organizes and overlooks all of its productions that are made in specialized factories abroad

BENETO MARETTI focuses on the following basic needs:

• Trendy ideas

• High quality fabric

• Quality Seams

• Practicality of garments

• Style

• Affordable Prices / Value for money



BENETO MARETTI develops two basic and complete ranges, characterized by excellent fabrics and high aesthetics.

“The Casual collection”: for an all-day-wear. Chinos pants, jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, knitwear; clothes for every season that complement the modern man's wardrobe.

“The Exclusive collection”: Trousers, jackets, suits, shirts, and all assortments a man needs for his professional attire and formal events.

The collections comes complete with a wide range of footwear and accessories such as scarves, hankies, neckties, bow ties, hats, belts, cufflinks, and tie clips!



With continuous and gradual growth, BENETO MARETTI is cooperating with approximately 70 points of sale in Greece and Cyprus.


The company has a strong Social Media & Marketing Department to promote its corporate identity and products. With a constant presence through advertising campaigns, seasonal catalogs and television coverage, the brand is being constantly establishing its mark, growing and evolving.


The company's aspirations for the near future are focused on two areas:


• The consolidation and strengthening of the brand name with an ever increasing presence in affiliated stores in Greece and Cyprus,

• Opening -with own capital- new points of sale, having already 2 flagship stores, in the center of Glyfada (Athens) and in the center of Patras.

• Development and marketing of the brand name BENETO MARETTI at new points of sale through the franchise philosophy.

• Making the brand BENETO MARETTI more accesible by creating corner-store partnerships or franchise within department stores.


You can find out more about the company's collections, points of sale and flagship stores in Glyfada and Patras through our official website: